Looking for a fresh take on the industry? Here you go. Like a good story? Here you go. Eddie Berenbaum shares a fascinating story including vacuum cleaners, around the world backpacking trips, and creating the idea for a brokerage while in China.  You can check out all that and more on Episode 208.


  1. I believe you grew up in the Pittsburgh area, right? Obviously, a Steelers fan as well? What is the biggest misconception about Pittsburgh?
  1. In high school, you decide to attend Penn St. What was the career goal before entering the university?
  1. What was your first job after graduation?
  1. Before you started your own business, you took a bit of a sabbatical. Can you share a story or two about your adventure?
  1. With the Richmond experience under your belt, you and a couple business partners decide to open a Century 21franchise. Why Century 21? Where does the name “Redwood Realty” come from?
  1. This is in the early 2000’s. The internet is getting big and the real estate industry is all in. Can you share some of the tech tools you implemented early on?
  1. Social explodes around 2008. How did the brokerage respond and what did it look like from the brokerage and agent perspectives?
  1. Was there a mentor as you and your partners were growing the franchise?
  1. What does Century 21 Redwood Realty look like now? How many branches and how many agents? Plans to grow in the future?
  1. There is a lot of noise in the business right now. Lawsuits, iBuyers, tech like AI and predictive analytics. Is there a particular area or segment you are watching closely as an owner?
  1. Please share your take on relationships in our industry. Your company has done some amazing work in this area, especially with lead cultivation.
  1. What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?