I found a Tampa native for Episode 209 of The Real Estate Sessions! Joe LoCicero, founder and owner of 54 Realty shares his story. Looking ahead to the projected growth in the Pasco County area, Joe and his wife Rose created Team 54 Realty group and just this year opened the 54 Realty brokerage. Listen in as Joe discusses the importance of service and experience.

01:30 – Where did the name 54 Realty originate?

02:35 – Joe discusses growth in Pasco County

03:50 – The rare Tampa native on the podcast

05:10 – First job out of college

07:28 – Where did Joe start in real estate

09:10 – Launching the new brokerage, 54 Realty

09:55 – What does 54 Realty look like as it launches?

14:20 – Is there a best way to build an admin team?

15:05 – What does lead generation look like for 54 Realty

16:55 – The importance of video for Joe and the team

20:10 – How does Joe with his agents to engage with the right activities?

21:20 – Joe’s iBuyer strategy

28:05 – One piece of advice for a new agent