Episode 220 – Brad Inman, Chairman of the Board at Inman

When Brad Inman started Inman News in the mid-90’s, he likely had no idea that it would explode into such a vast resource for the real estate industry or that his career in journalism would pivot into hosting Inman Connect events that consistently pull together thousands of professionals. 

In this episode, I sit down with Brad and dive into his journalism and real estate journey. He shares his unique approach to life, thoughts on critics, and what made Inman Connect what it is today. Listen in for his 2020 market predictions and invaluable advice for established and budding agents alike. 


“Don't waste your time. Go live an engaged life, do the right thing, be productive and you suddenly will find all these cool creative people around you.” – Brad Inman


Top Takeaways:

  • Brad Inman’s Advice for New Agents:

Outwork your competitors & make sacrifices.

“If you love your work and your passion about what you do then it's not something you want to be lazy about.” – Bill Inman

  • Predictions For the Early 2020s:
    • Economy- People own a record-high percentage of their homes.
    • Technology- It will be easier to buy and sell a house in coming years
      • The market is going to be more efficient. Resulting in more transactions.
      • It's become even easier to tech-nest.
      • We’re building more efficiently.
      • We’re living safer with smart locks and other home technology.


“In any time there's something this dynamic, opportunity flows from it for those people who are smart enough to take advantage of it- which is our people at Connect.”  Brad Inman


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:32] Intro 
  • [01:38] Why Brad Inman doesn't keep a watch or calendar.
  • [03:57] Thoughts on others adapting his philosophies.
  • [05:26] The impact of Mentors.
  • [06:51] Getting a start in journalism
  • [11:32] The early days of Brad’s professional career.
  • [13:16] Brad’s shift to real estate and how the field has changed.
  • [14:14] Struggles and early successes starting Inman News. 
  • [16:51] What to look forward to at Connect New York 2020. 
  • [18:13] Interviews and avoiding B.S.
  • [20:52] What makes Connect unique.
  • [22:04] Brad’s favorite connect speakers.
  • [25:39] What Brad Inman looks for in team members.
  • [27:52] Katie lance's question for Brad: Retirement?
  • [29:46] How social media has impacted journalism.
  • [33:10] Brad Inman’s real estate predictions for the early 2020s
  • [35:34] Advice for new real estate agents.
  • [36:31] Outro.


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