Episode 221 takes the show to Austin, Texas. We chat with Ryan Rodenbeck, Owner/Broker of Spyglass Realty. Ryan is dominating his market with dynamic social media marketing, including live and recorded video. He is launching a new podcast called Realty Hack in early 2020. We created a dual episode, something new for me. Listen in as I get the tables turned on me and Ryan closes the episode by interviewing me!


Show Notes

Episode 221 – Ryan Rodenbeck of Spyglass Realty on 


Ryan Rodenbeck got his start in sales, pivoting as an entrepreneur, he got his start in real estate. Later, after thoughtful maneuvering, he went on to become one of the top producing agents in Austin, TX. Listen in as he shares some of the magic behind his success. Hear his best practices for social media, what CRM tools are in his tech stack and his tips on recruiting and developing talent.

“… I've been very, very careful, because you know, I see a lot of these brokerages that have 50 agents and you know, half of them do zero or under $2 million. I just don't want that.” – Ryan


Top Takeaways:

  • Ryan Rodenbeck’s Advice for New Agents:
  1. New agents need 3 things:
  • Systems
  • Training
  • Leads
  1. Get out & network!

“Get out to conferences, man, I mean, no one dishes on the scoop of what they're doing. More than a Top Producing agent at a bar. Okay, buy someone a drink.” – Ryan


  • Pro hack for a winning brand name:


“If you're thinking about starting a brokerage and you want to pick a name, pick a name of a street in your city that is well known, but not too well known. “ Ryan


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:55] Intro 
  • [03:09] Ryan’s start in real estate.
  • [08:34] How Spyglass Realty got its name.
  • [09:29] Developing systems & a strong team.
  • [12:43] Ryan’s thoughts on Jon Cheplak as a coach.
  • [13:49] Mastering social media marketing.
  • [16:12] The MLS committee board shakeup
  • [17:51] Ryan’s tech stack and top lead generation tools. 
  • [20:00] Ryan’s advice for new agents. 
  • [21:32] Ryan’s podcasting debut
  • [22:01] What Bill does for Fidelity.
  • [24:10] What makes a successful podcast?
  • [26:13] What to avoid with your podcast?
  • [28:15] Top guests & favorite episodes.
  • [30:54] Best advice from Bill’s guests.
  • [34:19] Outro.


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