High energy is an understatement for my guest on Episode 224. Krista Mashore has a motor that doesn't quit as she shares her journey from 3rd-grade teacher to agent selling over 100 homes/year. She's now become a coach and has had over 7000 agents enroll in her courses. A massive fan of video and social, listen in as Krista shares her knowledge and passion.

Krista Mashore is a supercharged, marketing and real estate expert. She has spent over 19 years maintaining a consistent competitive edge for her business and now she is teaching other agents how they can do the same. 

Today, Krista sits down with me to talk marketing, establishing authority in the field of real estate and why consistency is key. She shares what moved her to change careers and how she managed to sell 69 houses in her very first year. Listen in for how she kept her business flexible despite a recession as she shares her rituals for success at every stage of a business. 


“There's something called a parasocial relationship. And what that is,  is that when we're young, we're taught that people that are on the other side of the screen. There's somebody that we should listen to. There's somebody that's important. And so it's been proven that we are programmed to automatically think that right then studies and research have gone out and shown this. So you want to be on the other side of that screen. Have people watching you because they're, they're developing a relationship with you.” 

– Krista Mashore


Top Takeaways:

  • Krista Mashore’s Advice for New Agents:


  1. Be confident
  2. Be enthusiastic
  3. Start using video (and properly distributing it!)


“You don't have to be an outgoing person to be enthusiastic. enthusiastic means that you love what you do. You love people you love, you know, and helping and serving and that's enthusiasm. And when people can see that you're enthusiastic, it comes out that you're real and they can trust you. So be enthusiastic, be confident, love what you do, you know, put your all into it, go the extra mile, and start using video and properly distributing it and you will see your business absolutely increase, but you gotta do it consistently.” 

– Krista Mashore 


  • Krista Mashore’s Five C’s:


If you can COMMIT to CONSISTENTLY producing CONTENT, you’re going to CONVERT more people into buyers and sellers because you’re making a CONNECTION with them.


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:31] Intro
  • [01:42] Krista's background & path to realty
  • [04:10] Transferring skills from teaching to real estate
  • [05:15] Coaching realtors to attract business 
  • [06:30] Recommendations for competing as a realtor today
  • [07:32] Her shift to marketing sparked by the recession
  • [11:35] How Krista is teaching tried and proven practices
  • [13:35] The philosophy behind her podcast: F.I.R.E.D Up with Krista Mashore
  • [14:25] Becoming an authority in your field
  • [16:32] Para-social relationships and why you need to get on video
  • [21:12] Being consistent and how to targeting smart
  • [23:36] Instagram v.s Facebook. Krista’s Five C's
  • [26:33] Stages of owning a business and rituals for success
  • [28:40] Krista Marshore's advice for new agents
  • [29:20] Contacting Krista
  • [30:38] Outro


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