Beate Jones got her start in real estate working the front desk at the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association. Today, she serves as the CEO. 

Putting in work in virtually every department of the organization has crafted Beate Jones into a multifaceted leader. In today’s episode, she sits down to talk climbing the ladder, moving the organization forward and all the ways they are working to adapt to changing times and be responsive to their members. Listen in to hear her thoughts on ibuyers and why she thinks realtors will continue to come out ahead. 


“ibuyers for example, are perfectly fine. They are giving the consumer what they want. Maybe not what they need. but what they want. They give convenience and the danger is where we are with online purchasing and online mortgages, not everything is probably [as] tight as it should be.  I'm not talking legally, but giving consumers the personal touch so they will always come back to a Realtor. Always.” -Beate Jones 

Top Takeaways:

  • Beate Jones’ Advice for New Agents:
  • Determine what your talents are.
  • Get an understanding of what you know so far.

If this a career, and not just a part time job, start to focus on:

  1. Education.
  2. Finding your niche.
  3. Having enough money to get there.


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:39] Intro
  • [02:08] Beate's background and education
  • [03:20] Moving to the U.S 
  • [05:33] Working her way up within RPCRA
  • [07:22] What makes the non-profit sector unique
  • [09:19] Technology innovations and boosting communication
  • [11:12] The critical role of volunteers
  • [12:54] Is compression good or bad?
  • [16:46] Key issues realtors face in the area
  • [19:47] Beate's take on disruptors and new models? 
  • [22:57] The strategic plan/strap plan process 
  • [24:42] Implementing a plan as a CEO
  • [26:20] Beate's advice for new agents
  • [27:28] Contacting Beate
  • [28:05] Outro


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