Jess Lenouvel is a Toronto native who’s redefining real estate marketing. After finding success as a high-end realtor and becoming an expert in Toronto’s booming pre-construction market, she’s decided to dive head first into coaching— teaching other real estate agents how to take their six-figure businesses to the next stage.

Jess has no shortage of insights when it comes to turning leads into business producing relationships. Find out her take on approaching niches in the industry as she shares the way she broke into working with builders. Hear the strategies she’s using to build invaluable relationships with clients in today’s tech-flooded landscape. Is it possible to safeguard your real estate business against disruptors like ibuyers?


“There are a lot of agents that sell things or do things that are not their specialty. I never wanted to be in that situation where I was thinking, ‘you know what? I'm not super comfortable here but I'm going to pretend that I am.” – Jess Lenouvel [09:44] 


Top Takeaways:

  • Jess Lenouvel’s Advice for New Agents:


  • Think for yourself.
  • Trust your intuition.


“You hear all the time success leaves clues and that's true but, make sure that the success that you're following is success from now and not from 30 years ago.”  – Jess Lenouvel

  • What ROI Means to Jess and Listing’s Lab:



  • Relevancy- Your unique marketing message.
  • Omnipresence- The strategic distribution of that marketing message through re-targeting.
  • Intimacy- Creating a real human connection through conversation, connection and community.



“You have to have these three pieces in place to really boom.” 

– Jess Lenouvel


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:35] Intro
  • [01:41] Jess Lenouvel on Toronto's charm and development 
  • [03:54] Growing up in Toronto
  • [04:47] Her start in real estate with Keller Williams
  • [07:26] Getting creative with marketing and growing her business
  • [08:36] Becoming a part of the Toronto pre-construction market
  • [10:14] Deciding she no longer wanted to sell real estate in 2017
  • [13:19] The listings lab system
  • [15:37] Using psychology for marketing
  • [17:45] The mistake most people make in real estate marketing
  • [19:12] Her decision to work with six-figure real estate agents
  • [20:38] What ROI means to Jess and her team
  • [27:58] The problem with the public's perception of real estate agents
  • [28:37] Building insurance against disruptors  
  • [30:38] Common roadblocks with her clients
  • [34:22] Jess Lenouvel’s advice for new realtors
  • [34:53] Contacting Jess
  • [35:49] Outro


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