Jason Schmidt is part techie, part broker, and 100% innovator. 

A trained musician— Jason got his first opportunity in the world of real estate from a bandmate connection. These days, after taking a deep dive into the profession, Jason is an industry-leading strategist with the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation. Serving as President at Stockworth Realty Group and Chief Strategist for Platform Creators, he’s finding unique ways to help other agents, brands and professionals adapt and market in an ever-changing landscape.

Listen in to hear how Jason has built a career in real estate while leveraging his passion for technology to create innovative solutions for himself and his agents. He talks about The Schmidt Report and creating tools like it that contribute to the industry. Also, hear his advice for new agents as he shares why most new agents may need to adjust their expectations.


“One of the reasons we don't typically get into lengthy conversations with brand new agents is because their expectations are all catawampus. They're upside down. You see TV shows where real estate is this big glamorous exciting all the time, fast cars, big houses money money money. And that's just not the daily reality. -Jason Schmidt [32:39]

Top Takeaways:

  • Jason Schmidt’s Advice for New Agents:


  1. Ask yourself, “Is it a reason or an excuse?”
  2. Have realistic Expectations.


Episode Highlights:



  • [00:20] Intro 
  • [00:31] Meet Jason Schmidt 
  • [01:24] Growing up in Orlando, FL
  • [02:16] The good and bad of living near Disney
  • [04:01] Planning to become a musician as a kid
  • [06:57] UCF and joining The Ed Self band
  • [09:44] Getting his start in real estate
  • [11:55] Becoming a CCIM 
  • [14:09] Mark assuming the role of president for Isleworth
  • [18:34] Tavistock and transitioning to Stockworth 
  • [21:59] Creating value with in-house production
  • [24:56] Platform Creators and working with clients
  • [27:17] The Schmidt Report and developing tools for the industry
  • [30:02] Thoughts for new agents
  • [32:11] Jason Schmidt's advice for new agents
  • [34:39] Finding Jason
  • [35:16] Outro


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