After relocating from the Philippines to a small town in Missouri, Joseph Magsaysay managed to build a successful real estate business almost immediately, going from stay-at-home dad to helping 35 families in his very first year.

In this episode, Joseph sits down and shares his real estate story. Find out how he developed a passion for people that has shaped his business.

Listen as he explains his approach to the type of recruiting, motivating, and strong team-building that led to his role as VP of development for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Also, get his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic as he shares insights on building community through tough times.

“Be involved with the community. Find a way for people to know that you care about the community. It's not always about real estate. Okay, because sometimes you have this notion, in order for people to know you you need to talk about real estate- no. You're wrong. You have to be a human being.”

– Joseph Magsaysay [34:58]  

Top Takeaways:

  • Joseph Magsaysay’s Advice for New Agents:


Be Yourself

“Your vibe will attract your tribe. There's no way you can make everyone happy either and you just have to live with that, you need to be happy with that… once you master that, once you master being unapologetically you, the road ahead is going to be easier because you'll be fearless.”

-Joseph Magsaysay [37:22]


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:28] Intro 
  • [01:18] Meet Joseph Magsaysay
  • [01:56] Growing up in the Philippines
  • [05:08] Moving to Missouri 
  • [07:31] His first job in the states 
  • [08:24] Pursuing real estate
  • [11:32] Helping 35 families to buy or sell in his first year
  • [13:48] His 2nd year in the industry
  • [14:49] Recruiting buyer's agents
  • [17:18] Building a team and switching to Keller Williams
  • [21:59] Why his first hire was a graphic designer
  • [24:42] Getting the motivation to do things right
  • [26:39] Becoming addicted to success and switching to Sotheby's International Realty
  • [30:10] Becoming the Vice President of Better Homes and Gardens
  • [33:12] Advice for agents during COVID-19
  • [37:01] Joseph’s advice for new agents 
  • [38:39] Finding Joseph Magsaysay
  • [40:37] Outro


“My mentality back then was different… I was telling myself, you know what? I have a master's degree in failure. I failed a lot, I am fearless. So if I fail, okay great. I'm gonna make sure I fail fast, I fail forward and I'm going to learn from it.” 

-Joseph Magsaysay [24:11] 


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