In this episode of The Real Estate Sessions, Bill speaks with Josh Summers, the CEO of the Realtors Association of Lake and Sumter Counties (RALSC). He shares how he started in the multifamily real estate right after college and how he later joined the nonprofit side of things in 2013.

Listen in to learn how Josh as the CEO of RALC is leading the association during this pandemic period to adapt to the necessary changes. You will also learn the importance of having a mentor as an individual getting into real estate or adopting a mentor mentality as an organization.


”You have the ability to make unlimited income potential, you can do it, you just have to find a mentor who can help you through that.”– Josh Summers [21:40]


“If you cannot measure it, you can’t manage it.”-Josh Summers [22:33]



What you will learn:

  • [0:54] Intro
  • [2:06] How was it for Josh to grow up in Northern Florida and when did he go into multifamily real estate business?
  • [4:14] He explains how he got into the nonprofit side of things. 
  • [7:14] Why product availability would make it difficult to predict a repeat of the 2008 economic situation.
  • [9:15] How the pandemic has influenced the financial year 2020 as compared to 2018 and 2019.
  • [11:48] How are the villages in the Lake and Sumter economy going to be impacted by the pandemic.
  • [13:46] Josh explains how the association is handling business since the pandemic.
  • [16:32] How they’re spreading the message to the members by all means and continuing classes education for members through webinars.
  • [19:36] He describes how he sees the rest of 2020 for real estate in the Lake and Sumter area.
  • [21:21] What advice does he have for someone starting in the business. 
  • [22:28] The importance of adopting a mentor mentality within an organization.


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