A first for The Real Estate Sessions, our guest specializes in short-term vacation rentals. This interesting strategy is where our guest found the niche that she has made into a very successful investing business. Avery Carl is the CEO and Founder of The Short Term Shop facilitating in helping investors own and operate their own short-term vacation rentals.

In this episode, Avery shares how she turned from rock star touring the world to being in the top 1% of real estate agents. Hear how she was able to break into the real estate market and find her niche in short-term rentals.


Top Takeaways:

  • Avery Carl’s Advice for New Agents:


Find your Niche!

“There are riches in the niches. If you try to be somebody who wants to serve everybody all the time you are not going to be serving anybody all the time.”

“Whatever it is you are good at; it’s not always going to be ‘oh you’re going to work with investors’ that’s my niche. Maybe you are working with first-time homebuyers only, or maybe you are working with retirees. You will find the thing you are good at and stick with that. Don’t try to be everything to everyone all the time.”

-Avery Carl [25:21]

Episode Highlights:


[00:39] Intro

[00:34] Meet Avery Carl – former rock star!

[01:30] Where Avery is from

[01:59] How music and sports have played a huge role in Avery’s Life

[03:32] Austin’s music scene and playing D1 soccer

[04:00] Her first job out of school

[04:16] Working in the music industry

[05:41] Avery’s start in real estate investing

[08:34] Having the right people in place is key

[10:03] Aligning with EXP Realty

[11:15] Avery’s Investment Portfolio

[11:53] The Pandemic’s effect on short-term rentals

[14:20] The three types of rental spaces

[16:12] Three things to know when starting to invest in real estate

[18:13] Different tactics of investors in real estate

[19:16] Working with Airbnb during the pandemic

[21:36] The changes Avery has made due to the current conditions

[23:07] Helping Sharon Ross from Vixen get into real estate

[25:00] Avery’s advice for new agents

[26:16] Contacting Avery Carl

[26:48] Outro

Episode Notes:

Joining us today is Avery Carl, a realtor that specializes in short-term rentals. Avery Carl has been able to use this niche to find riches and even create a very successful investing business called The Short Term Shop.


Avery Carl was born in raised in Starkville Mississippi. She ended up moving to Austin, Texas to attend the University of Texas on a soccer scholarship. With her love for music, she found her place in the Austin music scene that led her to play in many bands touring in places all over Europe, Japan, and North America. From being in the music scene Avery Carl was able to build up connections that eventually led her to go back to school to get her masters and working as a marketing manager to continue in the music business.


A few years later, married and moved to Nashville, Avery Carl found her calling. While buying a home in Nashville, her realtor steered Avery and her husband towards a part of Nashville where you could sell your home two years later for huge cash checks. They decided not to buy a home for themselves there but instead invested in a home where they were lucky to get cash flow of $1,000 a month.


When Avery and her husband saw this success, they started to dive into the real estate world and worked to maximize the most amount of money possible to buy more rentals. Her business skyrocketed and she now has offices in three states. Avery’s niche is helping investors analyze and find the best properties for the best cash flow. She facilitates giving the tools investors need to short-term rent themselves from wherever they live without having to hire a property manager.


Eventually, Avery aligned with eXp Realty and is licensed in Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama where she owns short-term vacation rentals in each state. To date, she owns about 28 properties and likes to keep her portfolio diversified.


With the current conditions today, her short-term properties due to the pandemic lost every booking. Avery sees these as a great collection of data and shares that she was able to get enough bookings from people who are in drive-able proximity to her rental properties. The past month, Avery shares her properties have actually exploded and has the highest prices per night that she has ever had!


Avery shares advice for new agents in the industry telling them that the riches are in the niches. You do not want to try to be somebody who wants to serve everybody. Instead, you want to find where your niche lies and go full force. Whatever you are good at work with that and you will find success!

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