Episode Summary:


Our guest today has held many professions excelling at each. She’s been a web developer, an award-winning realtor, and now is an SEO strategic writer. Joining us today is Maya Paveza a polymath with extensive experience in a wide range of skills. Maya Paveza has had quite the journey as she continues growth while taking on things that continue to interest her.


In this episode, Maya shares with the audience how she went from the tech world and made the transition into the real estate industry. Hear how she has answered her calling in real estate and how Maya has used her skills in her current mission at Happy Grasshopper.


Top Takeaways:


  • Maya’s Advice for New Agents:
    • It is okay to say that you do not know the answer and commit to finding that out. When someone says they know something when they do not, they are not being fully authentic. Don’t ever lose your integrity and ethics!


“We [Happy Grasshopper] help agents create conversations and connect real estate agents with their database. You have to really be engaged with people and you have to be genuine. Authenticity and being genuine are the keys to any kind of success.” – Maya Paveza [27:13]


“I want consumers to have a positive experience and to really feel like ‘my real estate agent was amazing, and they helped me so much through this process’. Part of the job and doing it well is that it’s supposed to look effortless.” – Maya Paveza [36:41]


Episode Highlights:


[00:13] Intro

[00:59] Meet Maya Paveza – Jack of All Trades

[01:53] Where Maya is from and where she’s been

[07:35] Maya’s studies in communication at Hofstra University

[10:32] Interning for the Howard Stern Show

[13:56] Maya’s tech side

[17:02] How Maya got her start in real estate

[20:44] Connecting with like-minded people

[25:04] What is Happy Grasshopper?

[28:41] The need for agent support resources right now

[30:48] Exercising your writing ability

[37:24] Maya’s advice for new agents

[39:25] Connect with Maya Paveza

[41:02] Closing Thoughts

[41:47] Outro


Episode Notes:


Joining us today is Maya Paveza, a SEO strategic writer and content strategist for Happy Grasshopper. Maya Paveza has been successful in many industries and trades such as web development and the real estate world.

Maya Paveza strives to give consumers a positive experience and make them feel like they were helped throughout their real estate process. Maya has been a realtor for over 20 years and has done a lot of incredible stuff in and out of the industry.

Maya Paveza was born at Stanford University, moving later in childhood to Long Island. Maya had lived and served in a number of places all over the United States before she ended up settling down in Delaware. In the 90s, Maya was obsessed with all things tech and dreamed of being a “codemonkey” at Microsoft.

Maya went to Hofstra University and majored in Communications and Fine Arts. Maya even interned for the Howard Stern Show and continued her interests in the tech world. She realized quickly that radio in the early 90s was not a place where women were making a lot of money, and she did not want to sacrifice any potential future events or family to have that career at the time.

When asked what triggered her interest in real estate, Maya shares when she was living in Palo Alto with her parents, they would take her to open houses and it was something that she quickly took an interest in and saw herself planning to do one day. As a teen, Maya worked in the office as a weekend receptionist at her mom’s real estate office and trained people in tech. Maya saw the early 2000s as the perfect time for tech and real estate to come together as real estate websites were emerging.

Maya Paveza now works for Happy Grasshopper, a company that automates marketing messages that can help you stay on top of your game, get more referrals, and build your business. At Happy Grasshopper, Maya is an SEO strategic writer, content strategist, and writer for this SaaS company.

Maya helps create conversations between agents and consumers. She helps allow the agents to be engaged with people and give them a more authentic and genuine service. Maya Paveza leaves the listeners with some critical pieces of advice. She shares that it’s okay not to know and go looking for the right answer. Strive to be fully authentic, and do not ever lose your integrity and authenticity!


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