Our guest today resides in Queensland, Australia, where he shares the mission of trying to improve the marketing of property images for real estate agents, property managers, and more! Joining us is Peter Schravemade, the strategic relationship manager for BoxBrownie.com, a company that offers a wide range of services to everyone working in the real estate industry.


In this episode, join Peter and me as we discuss Australian and American sports, animals prevalent in Australia that are known to be dangerous, and how Peter is facilitating improvements in the real estate world. Hear how Peter Schravemade fell into real estate and some of the tips he offers to help realtors give their buyers what they want!



Top Takeaways: 


  • Peter Schravemade’s Advice for New Agents:
    • Peter believes that there is a massive absence in North America in teaching new agents on how to market a product. It’s vital to understand that marketing a product, even in real estate, you should know your target audience. Peter challenges new agents to learn how to market a property correctly by treating it as a product and finding potential buyers that match that product!


“Even if I did something right on that day, it was all about the relationship. My willingness to have a chat with the person no matter who they are.” — Peter Schravemade [00:13]


“We know… less than 5% of listings will have a floorplan attached to it. Yet, there are consistent studies by the National Association of Realtors that talk about what purchasers want. Every year, the NAR brings out a generational homebuyer report. If you’re not reading that, get a copy!” – Peter Schravemade [33:17]


Episode Highlights:


[00:23] Intro

[00:39] Meet Peter Schravemade – Musician Meets Real Estate  

[01:22] Time zones around the world

[02:39] What is Queensland, Australia, like?

[04:25] Dangerous animals in Australia

[05:48] Biggest misconception about Australians

[07:33] American and Australian sports

[13:18] How Peter fell into real estate

[17:51] Beauty of real estate and music

[19:01] Formally trained session musician

[21:25] How did you start at BoxBrownie.com

[26:28] The pivot moment at BoxBrownie.com

[32:02] How are the photos edited?

[32:57] The importance of floorplans

[35:05] Popular services at BoxBrownie.com

[40:41] Peter’s advice for new agents

[43:11] Connect with Peter Schravemade

[43:54] Closing Thoughts

[44:05] Outro


Episode Notes: 


Joining us today is Peter Schravemade, a strategic relationship manager with BoxBrownie.com. In this episode, Peter Schravemade dives into discussions on Australian sports and dangerous animals while also explaining the importance of marketing in real estate. Peter Schravemade shares BoxBrownie.com’s mission of improving the marketing of property images for real estate agents, property managers, and more!


Peter Schravemade lives in Queensland, Australia, which he describes as having a similar climate to California and being where the Great Barrier Reef resides. Peter shares with the audience the plethora of animals that can potentially harm you but shares that it isn’t as big of a deal as Americans make it out to be.


Peter Schravemade originally was not planning a career in real estate. Peter finished school and went on to study music at the Queensland University of Technology and then continued his studies at the Beijing Conservatory of Music to obtain his Master’s degree. In the late ’90s, Peter shares that his younger brother was responsible for getting him into the real estate world. At the time, his brother was an accountant for a property developer and had issues finding an agent who would honestly give the service to potential buyers at their open houses.


At the time, Peter Schravemade was not licensed and did not know anything about contracts.

In Australia, you can sell six properties before having to get a license. On the weekend that he helped at the open houses, he was able to get two offers from potential buyers starting a successful relationship with the property developer. 


Peter Schravemade shares that it is all about the relationship. You must have a willingness to speak with potential buyers no matter who they are or what walk of life. It should not matter what they look like, and you should not be biased in your conversations. Instead, you should discuss the product, the property, in a way that would suit the potential buyer’s lifestyle.


Peter continues that he built his real estate career on being upfront and honest. This foundation is something he has found irreplaceable. There must be honesty in the seller/buyer transaction.


Peter Schravemade started with BoxBrownie.com by applying for a personal assistant position that he was incredibly overqualified for. He wanted to get the company’s attention and was part of pivoting and scaling up of BoxBrownie.com to what it is today. BoxBrownie.com offers services such as photo enhancements, item removals, and CGI rendering. BoxBrownie.com can offer its services at an incredibly affordable price, with their most popular being virtual staging.


Peter Schravemade’s advice for a new agent is to learn how to market a product. Marketing a product in real estate is marketing the property, and just like marketing a product, you should know your target audience. Peter challenges new agents to learn how to market a property correctly and find potential target audiences that match that product.


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