1000watt uses a personalized story to creatively market businesses in real estate. Jessica Swesey, a Partner and Chief Copywriter for 1000watt, tells powerful stories of real estate businesses. Through these stories, she brings out the characteristics of the company that connects with their customers. In this episode, Jessica shares how she began her career, the value of copywriting, and the mistakes she often sees businesses making in their marketing. She suggests that the most important thing a new agent can do is to “keep showing up.”


Introduction [00:01]

Copywriting – a necessary skill for marketers [01:25]

How Jessica came to San Francisco [03:55]

Switching from Engineering to English [05:57]

Jessica’s college experience [07:57]

How a sports-writer position led to her current career [10:13]

Experience working for Inman [12:53]

Jessica’s experience working for 1000watt [17:30]

The team at 1000watt works together to create a cohesive content [18:30]

What it’s like to work with teams—the future of the real estate industry [21:19]

The process of sharing stories of businesses—Sincerely Yours [24:09]

Serving over selling [26:46]

The mistakes Jessica sees businesses making while sharing their message [29:43]

What one piece of advice would you give to a new agent? [32:15]




“At the time I didn’t know anything about real estate. If I can learn how to score a baseball game, I think I can figure out what mortgages mean and all that stuff.” [15:02]


“A sale is an exchange of value. How can I give this person value?” [28:27]


“When you don’t say anything at all, you are creating the space for others to come in and say something about you or for you.” [31:18]




Sincerely Yours by 1000watt


The Brad Inman Daily Dispatch: Serving over selling


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