Today, our guest is part of a powerhouse wife and husband real estate team who has been able to blend real estate with a holistic approach to life. Joining us is Pam Blair, the broker and owner of YogaBug Real Estate in Portland, Oregon. Pam offers a comprehensive plan that focuses on achieving the client’s goals while keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance!


In this episode, join Pam and I as we discuss Pam’s journey from the Midwest, through the Southwest, and how she ultimately ended up in Oregon. We discuss Portland, Pittsburg, and how Pam has been able to create a thriving community around the things she loves. Listen in to hear how Pam has integrated all of her passions into one cohesive business!



Top Takeaways: 


  • Pam Blair’s Advice for New Agents
    • “My one piece of advice would probably be more than one word for sure. It would be learning the basics. Practice them over and over again because professional basketball players still continue to dribble the ball, right? Never stop practicing the basics and work hard.”


“Both yoga and real estate allow me to tap into all of those just all of those interests, passions, and all those aptitudes. So, I feel extremely fortunate to do what I do in this life.”

– Pam Blair [8:28]


“I want to cultivate clients that I not only like working with, but I love working with because this is my life and my time. It’s how I spend my energy– and I give everything I don’t know how to give anything less than everything. I’m at a point in my career that every single person that I work with is not nice, they’re great. I believe that by taking that step to be who I am and putting it out there that that has brought that to me, and it’s an enormous gift.” – Pam Blair [24:56]



Episode Notes: 


Joining us today is Pam Blair, a broker, and owner at YogaBug Real Estate. Pam shares a fascinating story that has brought her all over the country. In this episode, Pam discusses how she can take all of her passions and combine them into a very successful real estate business.


Originally from a small town outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Pam Blair shares her love for the Steelers as well as debunking a common old myth of the city. Pam Blair attended Carlow University, where she double majored in Biology and Psychology. When attending, she was on the pre-medicine track, but after graduation decided she did not want to be a doctor. Instead, she landed a job with a research team in the field of social psychology, where she spent seven years interviewing young women who had breast cancer.>


At the age of thirty, Pam found herself at a turning point in her life and realized it was time for a change. After traveling to New Mexico yearly to attend a stone carving symposium as she was an artist, she found it to be very transformational. She realized her life was changing, and she had some hard decisions to make. When on the plane back to Pittsburg, she realized that she was going back to Pittsburg to tell everyone goodbye.


Pam Blair quit her job, got a divorce, and got in her car to drive across the country to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She met her new husband there and was looking for a niche business to start and landed on a window-washing business that saw a 25% increase every year. Pam eventually went to Portland, Oregon, to visit the naturopathic school and spent three days in the city.


When Pam and her husband returned home, they could not get Portland out of there mind and decided to move there in 2004. Pam’s best friend soon got her into real estate as she was a very successful real estate agent. Within one month of being in Portland, she became a real estate agent and was later joined by her husband in 2011.


Pam Blair found a way to combine being a realtor and yoga instructor branding the company to be YogaBug Real Estate after wanting to serve her yoga community in a better way. Pam followed her heart and kept taking the next steps to create a community that has become a little bit of its own culture in Portland.


With over fifteen years of experience as a real estate agent, Pam Blair has been busier than she has ever been in her entire career through the pandemic. The piece of advice she offers to new agents is to learn the basics and practice them over and over consistently. Never stop practicing the basics and continue to work hard!


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