Flash Briefing 001 –


Hello and welcome to Inside The Real Estate Sessions Podcast. With this flash briefing, my goal is to share some of the ideas behind the podcasts. These include why did I start it, how did I start it, and stories from individual episodes.

I am going to create a blog page on TheRealEstateSessions.com and transcribe each briefing and embed the audio for each as well. This will give listeners the opportunity to easily catch up on past episodes. 

It’s a little off the beaten trail for a briefing, but I’m excited to chronicle the podcast process. As always I’m open to questions and would love to answer them on a regular basis. You can send questions to me at [email protected]
Briefings will publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to begin. I’ll adjust that schedule going forward if the need arises.
Thanks for listening to Inside The Real Estate Sessions Podcast.