Episode 123 Notes

Many of you know I'm an Evernote nerd. Much of my personal and professional life relies on Evernote to stay organized and more productive. I am excited to have Joshua Zerkel of Evernote as my guest on Episode 123. One of Joshua's many duties is overseeing the Community leaders and consultants. He has also written content about Evernote and real estate professionals. Listen in as we find out more about Joshua and how to use Evernote in your business.


02:30 – Joshua's early background
03:50 – College education and the importance of user interface
05:10 – Moving into the productivity space and TV news production
09:00 – Why is being organized and productive so difficult
12:20 – Why is volunteering and giving back so important?
14:30 – Early adoption of Evernote as a tool.
16:00 – The beginning of the Evernote Ambassador program
17:20 – Joining Evernote as an employee
19:40 – Evernote and the real estate space
24:05 – Evernote special for January 201
26:15 – If you could give one piece of advice to a new agent just getting started in the business, what would it be?

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