-A Real Estate Sessions Rewind of Episode 152-

Episode 152 features the story of Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings, Inc. Glenn shares his path to the world of real estate in the early 2000's and how eXp Realty was foundedĀ in 2009. Glenn also discusses Inman Connect San Francisco and Gary Keller's one on one with Brad. I also ask Glenn what's next for eXp Realty as company growth continues to explode. Glenn is refreshingly open about his past and what he sees for the future.

02:30 – Glenn and I chat about RE BarCamps

05:20 – Glenn's thoughts on ICSF and Gary Keller's chat with Brad Inman

10:15 – Growing up in Canada and moving to the U.S.

15:40 – What did Glenn do right out of school?

19:00 – Combining technology and sales at an early age

21:55 – How does real estate enter the picture?

26:30 – Organic lead generation in the early days of the web

27:55 – What sort of business was Glenn generating from 2002-2006?

35:30 – Creating a true, cloud-based brokerage in 2009 and why are so few doing it today?

42:50 – What is the reason behind the explosive growth recently?

47:35 – What does eXp mean?

48:40 – What's next for eXp Realty?

52:10 – What piece of advice would you give to a new agent?