-Real Estate Sessions Rewind Episode- Originally published 12/18/18

For my final “new” episode of 2018, I visit with Katie Clancy, founder of The Cape House at William Raveis Real Estate. Katie lives and works on Cape Cod, and the culture of The Cape comes shining through her. Listen and find out what a “washashore” is and why crossing a bridge over a canal is such a big deal.

02:10 – Growing up on the Cape

07:45 – What's the biggest misconception about the Cape?

09:10 – Heading into education out of college and the transition to real estate

13:15 – Building a new business among the established veterans and joining William Raveis Real Estate

15:15 – Creating the Cape House Team

19:30 – How can an established agentĀ up their local game?

25:35 – Katie shares another community partnership

28:15 – The Cape House Pride story

31:45 – Katie's favorite topic when out on the speaking circuit

37:05 – What one piece of advice would Katie give to a new agentĀ just getting started?

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