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The Real Estate Sessions Podcast
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 by Phil Sexton
Coast to Coast Risser

Bill Risser is a MLB World Series ring wearing sports fan turned title company Super Manager. After owning the Super Manager title, like all #changeagents, he got bored. Insert newly created "Digital Strategist" position AKA "the Risser". Often imitated but never duplicated the OriGinal Risser educates REALTORS® from the west coast to the east coast. The relationships he's formed along the way is why the Real Estate Sessions podcast is worth a listen. He interviews big dogs. Influential dogs. Up and coming dogs. And top dogs. Thank you Bill. Here's to the OGR!

 by Jay Thompson
The Real Deal

Full disclosure: I was guest #1 on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast. But if this wasn't a good thing, I'd certainly say so!

I love this podcast. It has a wide variety of guests who have something in common - real estate. The easy going, conversational style is not only easy to listen to, it's effective in allowing you to really get to know the interviewees.

Bill does a great job with this podcast, and whether you are a grizzled real estate veteran or if the ink on your license isn't even dry yet you will get a lot out of listening to Bill and his guests.

 by Steve Redmond
Do you know Real Estate?

The Real Estate Session is the perfect way to connect with Real Estate Professionals and their passion and zeal for the business.  Bill Risser's easy, approachable manner puts these pro's at ease and because of that they really open up.  I'll confess I know most of the interviewees professionally, but thanks to this series I feel I've learned so much more.  Whether you're just thinking of making Real Estate a career, or if you're a seasoned pro, you'll enjoy time spent listening to the Real Estate Sessions.

 by Sean Carpenter
Real Estate - Real Talk

I've been listening to every episode of The Real Estate Sessions with Bill Risser and was even honored to be one of the first guests on the show. As a fan of podcasts, the thing I like about Risser's style is his genuine interest in the guests and their stories. The show never sounds scripted and always takes on a life of it's own. Risser is always well prepared and his casual chat style always ends up uncovering a few good nuggets that probably weren't in the original agenda but add some value to the listener.

The Real Estate Sessions is a great mix of local real estate industry contributors and big names from the business. The neat thing is with Risser's signature question, "What's one piece of advice you could give to someone just starting in real estate," you're always going to learn something valuable.

 by Nick Bastian
Great stuff, for sure

Bill does an amazing job with his Real Estate Sessions podcast. He is able to make you feel like you really get to know each and every guest on the show. The combination of personal and professional questioning style make for some really interesting sessions. PLUS, he has a knack for finding some of the brightest minds in the real estate industry. I'm honored to have been a guest and I look forward to listening to each of the new shows as they become available.
Keep on rockin it, Bill! Thanks for all you do.