Episode 230 – Teri Conrad, Director – Broker Relations Western Canada, Zillow Group

Teri Conrad had built a successful career as an agent turned consultant when she was called on to direct broker relations for Zillow Canada. Today, she seems more excited than ever about what the future holds for Zillow and agents alike. 

Following what Teri describes as a natural progression in her career from one successful venture to the next, she shares the steps she took to get to where she is now in her career. Find out how she made the transition from stay-at-home mom to agent with the help of a well-considered network. She dives into her background in media and how her passion for creating connections has helped her throughout her career. 

As a leader at Zillow, hear her unique outlook on what a future immersed in real estate tech could mean for agents. Hear why she says, some changes may work to the benefit of some more than others. 

“We were so micro-focused on tech and tools, which was really important. We all needed to learn, but I felt like there was this much deeper conversation that I was hungry to have and really talking and getting to know people and what's driving you and what's the legacy you want to build and what do you see in the industry as challenging and how can we improve? Just sort of that values-based conversation.

-Teri Conrad [15:16] 

Top Takeaway:

  • Teri Conrad’s Advice for New Agents:
  1. Align yourself with someone who is established in the business. Find someone to work with that has these two things down:

1. They’ve done a lot of volume.

2. They understand how to structure well

“I think a passion for the industry that never goes away for those of us who are die-hards is just, you wanna see people succeed. You wanna help them if you can.” -Teri Conrad [10:52] 

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:30 Intro
  • [00:54] Meet Teri Conrad 
  • [01:35] How important Inman has been for her career
  • [02:44] Why Canada and Vancouver is so special
  • [04:43] What she planned to do after graduating
  • [06:43] How real estate became a natural next step for her
  • [07:44] Building her business early on through social media
  • [09:34] Striking out on her own as a consultant 
  • [12:29] Starting agent quest
  • [14:10] Podcasting and making value-based connections 
  • [16:53] Joining Zillow Group in 2018 
  • [18:51] Zillow’s Canadian expansion
  • [21:57] The role Teri plays as director of broker relations
  • [22:59] What she wishes she could fix in the industry
  • [24:20] Will there be fewer agents in the future?
  • [27:11] Teri Conrad's advice for new agents
  • [28:00] Contacting Teri
  • [28:38] Outro

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